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CAH - Certified: Our 7-point quality control process

Posted: May, 10, 2023 | Categories: News

We’re honored that so many families trust us to build their dream homes, and it’s not a responsibility we take lightly. As a privately owned company, we pride ourselves on the work that we do and we are able to take extra care assuring every home is perfectly completed. That’s why we’ve implemented our CAH Certified 7-point quality control process to assure that each step of building your dream home is reviewed to the highest standard.

Point 1: Pre-Slab and Pour

We begin the process by assuring that the job site is safe and secure. We check the soil compaction, complete the required land surveys, double-check our permits, verify the dimensions of the project, and streamline the construction process by computerizing our documents. We always have an employee on site to assure that no water or additives are applied when the slab for your home is being poured.

Point 2: Post-Slab, Masonry, and Beam Pour Check

This is the stage of the building review when we check the foundation of a sturdy home. We assess the rebar, the block wall, and the placement of windows and doors. We’ll clean up after this stage, haul away any excess materials, and assure that the job site is safe before we move forward.

Point 3: The Frame Walk Checklist

Your home’s frame is its skeleton. It provides support for the walls, windows, doors, and roof. This is one of the most important parts of building a structurally sound home, and we use a comprehensive checklist to verify that your home’s “bones” are anatomically correct.

We check the framing for the windows and doors, the openings needed for things like showers, tubs, and attic access, and make sure window openings are properly waterproofed. We look closely to assure that there is no buckling or bowing of the frame. Every board must be perfectly straight and without defects.

Point 4: MEP / Pre-Drywall Inspection

Before we hang the drywall, we verify the placement of things like the layout of your HVAC system, your plumbing, and your electrical system. We double-check the subfloor and assure that the foundation of your home has remained perfectly sound and level throughout the process. We do a second pass inspection of the framing before we install the drywall.

Point 5: Post-Drywall Inspection

After we install the drywall, we’ll assure there are no gaps and check all the joints. We verify that the proper openings have been left for features like electrical outlets.

Point 6: Internal Quality Control Inspection

After the drywall is installed, we’ll complete the finishing touches of your home. We paint, install the fixtures, and bring in the appliances. The home is essentially finished at this point, and our final quality control inspection will assure that all work has been completed to our high standards. One of our quality control specialists will walk through the home and thoroughly inspect every aspect of the building. This inspection is very detail oriented. The inspector will go so far as to make sure that all of the caulking is perfectly neat and there are no small scuffs on the appliances. Our goal is to deliver a home that is picturesque and flawless.

Point 7: Third-Party Quality Control Inspection

We thoroughly trust our internal inspectors, but a second set of unbiased eyes never hurts. A third-party quality control inspector conducts a deep-dive additional review, looking for any faults or flaws we may have missed along the way. We take their findings seriously and make corrections if necessary.

Safe, Sturdy, Beautiful, and Ready For You

We don’t want you to live in a home that does not look or perform as expected. You trusted us to build your dream home, and that’s exactly what Christopher Alan Homes will deliver. Our painstaking attention to detail and CAH Certified quality assurance process sets us apart from other home builders.

By Christopher Alan Homes
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